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mw166A rose is a rose…is a rose…is a rose…and although the rose has always been America’s favorite flower, our roses today are better than ever!

Fresh shipments of South American roses arrive at Schaefer’s each week. Columbia produces 77% of the roses sold in the United States. The roses they export are superior because of their enhanced characteristics.

Many of the varieties boast large blooms with high petal counts and pretty shapes. They are available in a broad spectrum of beautiful colors – many with strong fragrances. You will enjoy the way they open and appreciate their long lasting vase life.

Upon arrival, we carefully process our roses to rehydrate, cool and prepare them. We encourage you to follow these simple steps for the long lasting pleasure of your roses.

It is important to note that the “guard petals” or the outside petals of roses add to the natural beauty and shape of the flower and should only be removed if torn or bruised. Especially in the bi-color varieties, removing these petals eliminates the shading from one color to the next, destroying the natural characteristics of the variety.



Although red reigns as the all-time favorite rose color, especially among men, we actually sell more colors. 60% of the roses we sell are colors — mostly shades of pink, yellow, peach and white, but also some unconventional colors such as lavender and terra cotta.

If your roses are already arranged:

1. Keep the vase filled with water containing a flower preservative. We attach a complimentary package with each bouquet.

2. If the water becomes cloudy, replace it entirely. We suggest a fresh cut of the stems under water with a sharp knife.

3. Keep roses in a cool location (65-72 degrees F). Avoid direct sun and excessive heat. Appliances such as televisions and computers give off heat causing flowers to quickly dehydrate.

If your roses are loose:

1. Fill a vase with water and floral preservative according to package directions.

2. Remove leaves that will be below the water line. Leaves in water will promote bacterial growth and shorten the life of your roses.

3. Re-cut the rose stems under water with a sharp knife and place them in the vase you’ve prepared.

4. Refer to instructions for arranged roses (above).

Let Roses Express Your Feelings…

RED ROSE – Love, Respect, Desire

PINK ROSE – Happiness, Charm, Grace

WHITE ROSE – Innocence, Purity, Humility

YELLOW ROSE – Joy, Gladness, Friendship