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Nothing tastes better than delicious, fresh picked-from-the-garden tomatoes! Schaefer’s is excited to partner with Burpee – a name that you know and trust, for many of our selections. Whether you are looking to plant Heirloom Tomatoes or Hybrids, we have lots of choices for you!  Beefsteak, Slicers, Paste, and small fruit varieties await your selection.  We bring you a complete line of tried and true vegetables and herbs.  You’ll find the best tasting veggies start right here at Schaefer’s.

**For canning and freezing, look for Determinate varieties. These slow, or stop growing when they begin producing, and the fruit ripens all at once. They are also bushy in form, making them good choices for growing in containers.


better boy

Better Boy

Popular, excellent flavor, 16 oz fruit

Maturity: 75 days

big beef tomato

Big Beef

Extra large,
10-12 oz fruit

Maturity: 73 days

big mama

Big Mama

Small – good for soups & sauces

Maturity: 80 days

burpee's big boy

Burpee Big Boy

8-9 oz large
and sweet fruit

Maturity: 78 days


Bush Champion II

9-12 oz,
delicious flavor

Maturity: 65 days



Large, glossy,
8″ fruit

Maturity: 72 days



Huge, solid, 1lb
fruit, extra delicious

Maturity: 77 days

brandy boy

Early Girl

Early bearing
4-5 oz fruit

Maturity: 59 days

fourth of july

Fourth of July

4 oz small fruit – early producing

Maturity: 49 days

fresh salsa

Fresh Salsa

4 oz meaty plum shaped fruit

Maturity: 65-75 days

fresh salsa


8 oz, oval shaped fruit tangy taste for sauces, soups & salsa

Maturity: 72 days

fresh salsa


Clusters of 1.5-2 oz, oval shaped fruit delicious flavor for salads & salsa

Maturity: 60 days


La Roma III

5-8 oz fruit

Maturity: 76 days

large red cherry

Large Red Cherry

1-1.25″ fruit

Maturity: 72 days

lemon boy

Lemon Boy

Unique, lemon yellow skin, 7 oz fruit

Maturity: 72 days

napa grape

Napa Grape Hybrid

Sweet 1″ elongated red grape

Maturity: 65 days

orange wellington

Oh Happy Day

Ruby red, junior beefsteaks 4-5 oz slicers

Maturity: 67 days

orange wellington

Orange Wellington

Orange and nearly seedless

Maturity: 75 days

orange wellington

Red Grape

Baby grape, super sweet

Maturity: 75 days

steak sandwich

Steak Sandwich Hybrid

10 oz large slicer fruit

Maturity: 70 days



Very sweet golden cherry

Maturity: 62 days

sweet 100

Super Fantastic

Heavy yields of solid, meaty, 10 oz fruit

Maturity: 70 days

sweet 100

Sweet 100

Bears 100 plus small sweet tomatoes in long clusters

Maturity: 65 days

super steak hybrid

Tomatoberry Garden

1″ fruit

Maturity: 80 days

Heirloom Tomatoes

old german 2

Brandywine Pink

Large red-pink, 1-2 lb fruit

Maturity: 78 days

old german 2

Brandywine Red

Best tasting heirloom, 10-16 oz fruit

Maturity: 75-80 days

old german 2


Mild flavor, low acidity, 8 oz fruit

Maturity: 80 days

old german 2

Mortgage Lifter

Rich & meaty, 16-24 oz fruit, few seeds

Maturity: 80 days


Rutgers Select

Legendary 5 oz fruit for slicing and cooking

Maturity: 74 days

yellow pear

Yellow Pear

Bright yellow pear shaped and bite sized

Maturity: 75 days