Flower Bed and Garden Tips

flowerbed1Summer Garden Notes

Water, water, water…

Lawns – 1” of water per week
Trees – need a deep soaking 2-1/2 times again the distance of the drip line.
Flowers – as needed. *Note hanging baskets, window boxes and patio pots require more water than in-ground plantings.

Rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks…

If fencing or chicken wire is not desirable, there are other deterrents available. We recommend a rotation of a different product weekly for 3 weeks. See store for details.


Earwigs and Japanese beetles are present. You can see the Japanese beetles a metallic green insect with copper-colored wing covers. Earwigs are nocturnal, so you usually only see their damage. One pesticide will take care of both. See store for details. Always read and follow label directions.

endless_logoEndless Summer Hydrangea

These beautiful summer blooming Hydrangeas have created quite a stir in our garden center! Endless Summer is a perpetual flowering big-leaf Hydrangea that blooms all season long. Their large colorful blooms are sure to create excitement in your garden too! They are ideal for eye-catching accents, foundation or border plantings and even container gardening.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas produce spectacular pink or blue blooms depending on the make-up of your soil. Use a soil testing kit to determine the pH content of your soil. Alkaline soils, pH 6-7, will produce pink blooms. More acidic soils, pH 5-5.8, will turn your blooms blue. To lower the pH, add a soil acidifier to the soil before planting. Please check with our staff for recommendations.

flowerbed2For planting in our area, a location with filtered (not direct) sunlight is preferred. Maintain moist soil conditions. To encourage reblooming, remove spent flowers. Endless Summer blooms on old and new wood, and will continue to set buds and bloom providing color all season.

For more information visit www.EndlessSummerBlooms.com