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Schaefer Greenhouses, located at the corner of Aucutt Rd. and Rt. 31 in Montgomery ILSee our selection of Marginals, Oxgenators, Water Lilies and Floaters

Schaefer Greenhouses, located just south of Aurora in Montgomery Illinois, carries a variety of aquatic plants. Our main supplier of this product is Van Bloem Gardens located in Meridian Mississippi.


Marginals, or shallow-water plants thrive in shallow water (1″-6″ deep) or very moist soil. Most Marginals are grown at the edge of a pond. They may be planted directly in your pond by placing them in containers and raising the container to the correct water depth with blocks or shelves. These moisture-loving plants are also excellent for container-gardening and garden beds if the soil is kept moist.

Following is a price list for the Marginal Aquatic Plants (all 5″ square pots) that Schaefer Greenhouses carries.

Botanical NameCommon Name
Acorus Cakamus VarieVariegated Sweet Flag
Acorus GramineusOgon
Alternanthera FicoidRaspberry Swirl
Canna CannasolHappy Carmen
Canna CannasolHappy Cleo
Canna CannasolHappy Emily
ColocasiaBlack Magic
Colocasia EsculentaMojito
Cyperus AlternifoliusDwarf Umbrella
Cyperus PapyrusPerkamentus
Eichhornia CrassipesWater Hyacinth
Equisetum HyemaleHorsetail Rush
Hemigraphis ExoticaPurple Waffle
Hibiscus MosheutosDisco Belle Pink
IrisKaemferi Variegata
Iris LouisianaAnn Chowning
Juncus Effusus SpiralisSpiral Rush
Lobelia FulgensQueen Victoria
Lysimachia NummulariaAurea
NymphaeaAttraction Water Lily
NymphaeaColorado Water Lily
NymphaeaJoey Tomocik
NymphaeaAlmost Black
NymphaeaMadame Wilfron Gonnere
Pistia StratiodesWater Lettuce
Pontederia CordataPurple Pickerel Rush
Rotala IndicaRed Rotala
Ruellia BrittonianaChi Chi
Rumex SanguineusRed Water Dock
Thalia DealbataHardy Water Canna

Oxygenator (Submerged Plant)

Submerged plants are those that grow below the water surface. Also referred to as oxgenators, they play an important role in the chemical and biological balance of your pond. They act as natural filters making your water more resistant to algae and providing the environment required for fish to flourish. Should be planted in water at least 6″ deep.

None currently in stock.


Floaters play an important role in creating a natural balance for your pond. These water plants either float freely on the surface of your garden, shading the water and therefore aiding in algae control or are rooted in containers on the bottom and send up leaves to float. The shading provided by these essential plants also cools the water for fish while the plants give the fish a place to hide and lay their spawn.

We have Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce available for $3.99 each.


A healthy pond is supposed to be approximately 67% covered with foliage. This makes waterlilies the main staple of any pond. They love full sun and calm water. Flowers last 2-5 days, but if well fed, they will bloom all summer. Start plants close to surface and drop them down as nodes stretch.

There are approximately 70 different species of waterlilies. These are grouped into 3 categoreis: night, tropical and hardy. Night lilies bloom in the evening, tropical waterlilies are found in tropical climates and hardy lilies can withstand most climates and are the most common. Waterlilies reproduce by budding: the roots detach and grow new waterlilies. They bloom in a rainbow of colors, from red, yellow, whate and pink in hardy lilies to the vibrant colors of the tropicals and night bloomers.