Schaefer Greenhouses, Aurora IL Area Vegetables and Herbs

Squash, Melons, Cabbage, Broccoli, Herbs, and more

Start your gardens with healthy plants from Schaefer’s – grown right here in our greenhouses. These varieties have been selected for your gardening success.  We bring you a complete line of tried and true vegetables and herbs.  You’ll find the best tasting veggies start right here at Schaefer’s.

Let Schaefer Greenhouses help you get your garden started!


Hybrid, Heirloom


Sweet, Hot


For slicing and pickling


Many to choose from.

Following is a list of the other vegetables and varieties that we carry at Schaefer Greenhouses.


  • 4″ pots $3.29
  • 4pk $3.99
Artichoke Imperial Star 4″
Beans Blue Lake Bush 4″
Beets Chiogga Guardsmark 4pk
Broccoli Emerald Crown 4″ & 4pk
Brussels Sprouts Jade Cross 4″ & 4pk
Cabbage Chinese Blues 4″ & 4pk
Fast Vantage 4″ & 4pk
Ruby Perfection 4″ & 4pk
Cauliflower Snow Crown 4″ & 4pk
Celery Tango 4pk
Collards Flash 4pk
Eggplant Asian Delite 4″
Black Beauty 4″
Patio Baby 4″
Whitestar 4″
Birdhouse 4″
Gourd Large Apple 4″
Speckled Swan 4″
Dinosaur 4″ & 4pk
Kale Prizm 4″ & 4pk
Russian Red 4″ & 4pk
Kohlrabi Quickstar 4pk
Leeks American Flag 4″
Lettuce Buttercrunch 4pk
Iceberg 4pk
Romaine 4pk
Cantalope-Ambrosia 4″
Melon Honeydew 4″
Mustard Greens Florida Broadleaf 4pk
Okra Clemson Spineless 4″
Onion Bunching – Green Banner 4″ & 4pk
Candy 4″
Ruby Red 4″
White Sweet Spanish 4″
Yellow Sweet Spanish 4″
Snow Max
Peas Sugar Snap 4″
Pumpkin Fairytale 4″
Howden 4″
Large Marge 4″
Super Moon 4″
Acorn 4″
Butternut 4″
Squash Golden Zucchini 4″
Spaghetti 4″
Zucchini 4″
Spinach Bloomsdale 4pk
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 4″ & 4pk
Watermelon Crimson Sweet 4″
Sugar Baby 4″