Chicago area Perennials, Schaefer Greenhouses, located just South of Aurora Illinois


Schaefer Greenhouses, located at the corner of Aucutt Rd. and Rt. 31 in Montgomery ILWhether you’re looking for a natural landscape, a garden backdrop, a colorful border or an interesting container accent, shop Schaefer’s Garden Center for a full selection of Perennials.  Choose from thousands of our home-grown perennials.

Perennials bring permanent color and texture to your landscape. They add the detail and accents to your trees and shrubs. Perennials come up year after year. Depending on variety, their life spans vary from a few years to 10 years or more. A well chosen succession of perennials will supply your garden with months of colorful blooms that are continuously changing. With careful planning you can enjoy a relatively low- maintenance garden for years to come.

We’re located at the corner of Route 31 and Aucutt Road in Montgomery, just south of Aurora, IL. We’re just minutes away from Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Yorkville, Bristol, Sugar Grove and North Aurora; 20 minutes south of Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles; about half an hour west of suburbs like Oak Brook and Hinsdale and less than an hour from downtown Chicago. Come see one of the largest and most beautiful selections of Perennials in the Chicagoland area.

Following is a list of the wide variety of perennials that we grow at Schaefer Greenhouses. Please call for current availability and pricing 630-896-1936.

Variety Name Common Name
 Achillea – Desert Eve Yellow  YARROW
 Achillea – Little Moonshine  YARROW
 Achillea – Red Velvet  YARROW
 Agastache – Black Adder  HYSSOP
 Agastache – Meant To Bee Queen Nectarine  HYSSOP
 Agastache – Meant To Bee Royal Raspberry  HYSSOP
 Agastache – Sunrise Orange  HYSSOP
 Agastache – Sunrise Rose  HYSSOP
 Agastache – Sunrise Violet  HYSSOP
 Alcea – Fiesta Time  HOLLYHOCK
 Alcea rosea – Creme de Cassis  HOLLYHOCK
 Allium – Millennium  ORNAMENTAL ONION
 Allium – Windy city  ORNAMENTAL ONION
 Anemone – Pamina  JAPANESE ANEMONE
 Aquilegia – Earlybird Yellow  COLOMBINE
 Armeria – Dreameria Daydream  SEA THRIFT
 Armeria – Dreameria Vivid Dreams  SEA THRIFT
 Asclepias tuberosa  BUTTERFLY FLOWER
 Astilbe – Delft Lace  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe – Heavy Metal  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe – Younique Ruby Red  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe Arendsii – Deutschland  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe Arendsii – Fanal  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe Arendsii – Razzle Dazzle  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe chinensis – Vision Vulcano  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe Jap. – Montgomery  FALSE SPIREA
 Astilbe Pretty in Pink  FALSE SPIREA
 Brunnera – Sterling Silver  BUGLOSS
 Brunnera M. Sterling Silver  BUGLOSS
 Buddleia – Chrysalis Blue  BUTTERFLY BUSH
 Buddleia – Chrysalis Cranberry  BUTTERFLY BUSH
 Buddleia – Chrysalis Pink  BUTTERFLY BUSH
 Campanula – Rapido Blue  BELLFLOWER
 Campanula carpatica Rapido Blue  BELLFLOWER
 Campanula persicifolia Takion Blue  BELLFLOWER
 Clematis – Avant Garde  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Bees Jubilee  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Charmaine  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Crystal Fountain  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Diamantina  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Fleuri  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – H.F. Young  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Jackmanii  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Niobe  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Paniculata  SWEET AUTUMN CLEMATIS
 Clematis – Rebecca  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Rosalie  CLEMATIS VINE
 Clematis – Sweet Summer Love  CLEMATIS VINE
 Convallaria majalis  LILY OF THE VALLEY
 Coreopsis – Big Bang Redshift  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Big Bang Star Cluster  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Jethro Tull  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – LI’L Bang Candy Stripes  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Li’L Bang Daybreak  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Permathread Red Satin  THREAD LEAF TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Permathread Shade of Rose  THREAD LEAF TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Solanna Sunset Burst  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Super Star  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Uptick Gold & Bronze  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – Uptick Red  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis – UpTick Yellow & Red  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis Gr. – Double The Sun  TICKSEED
 Coreopsis Verticillata – Moonbeam  THREAD LEAF TICKSEED
 Coreopsis Verticillata – Zagreb  THREAD LEAF TICKSEED
 Delosperma – Ocean Sunset Violet  HARDY ICE PLANT
 Delosperma – Red Mountain Flame Ice  HARDY ICE PLANT
 Delosperma – Table Mountain  HARDY ICE PLANT
 Delphinium – Aurora Deep Purple  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – Guardian Blue  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – Guardian Lavender  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – Magic Fountain Lilac Pink/White Bee  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – New Zealand Black Eyed Angel  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – New Zealand Blue Buccaneers  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – New Zealand Mini Stars  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium – New Zealand Pagan Purples  LARKSPUR
 Delphinium grandiflorum – Blue Butterfly  SIBERIAN LARKSPUR
 Dianthus – Beauties Vida  PINKS
 Dianthus – Constant Beauty Crush Burgundy  PINKS
 Dianthus – Constant Beauty Crush Cherry  PINKS
 Dianthus – Constant Beauty Crush Orange  PINKS
 Dianthus – Constant Beauty Red  PINKS
 Dianthus – Constant Cadence Cherry  PINKS
 Dianthus – Edgehog  PINKS
 Dianthus – Everlast Orchid  PINKS
 Dianthus – Fruit Punch Cherry Vanilla  PINKS
 Dianthus – Fruit Punch Classic Coral  PINKS
 Dianthus – Fruit Punch Cranberry Cocktail  PINKS
 Dianthus – Fruit Punch Raspberry Ruffles  PINKS
 Dianthus – Mountain Frost Ruby Glitter  PINKS
 Dianthus – Mountain Frost Ruby Snow  PINKS
 Dianthus – Neon Star  PINKS
 Dianthus – Paint The Town Fuchsia  PINKS
 Dianthus – Paint The Town Magenta  PINKS
 Dianthus – Pretty Poppers Kiss & Tell  PINKS
 Dianthus – Vivid Cherry Charm  CHEDDER PINK
 Dicentra – Amore Titanium  BLEEDING HEART
 Dicentra Eximia – Luxuriant  BLEEDING HEART
 Dicentra Spectabilis  BLEEDING HEART
 Digitalis – Arctic Fox Rose  FOXGLOVE
 Digitalis – Dalmatian Crème  FOXGLOVE
 Digitalis – Dalmatian Purple  FOXGLOVE
 Echinacea – Artisan Yellow Ombre  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Color Coded The Fuchsia Is Bright  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Color Coded Yellow My Darling  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Cone-Fections Hot Papaya  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – ConeFections Lemon Drop  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Double Coded Raspberry Beret  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Double Dip Rainbow Sherbet  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Panama Red  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sombrero Adobe Orange  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sombrero Hot Coral  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sombrero Lemon Yellow Imp.  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sombrero Salsa Red  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sombrero Sangrita  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Summersong Firefinch  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – Sunseeker Salmon  CONEFLOWER
 Echinacea – SunSeekers Salmon  CONEFLOWER
 Gaillardia – Arizona Apricot  BLANKET FLOWER
 Gaillardia – Arizona Sun  BLANKET FLOWER
 Geranium – Delft Blue  CRANESBIL
 Geranium – Intense  CRANESBIL
 Geranium – Max Frei  CRANESBIL
 Geranium – New Hampshire Purple  CRANESBIL
 Geranium – Rozanne  CRANESBIL
 Geum – Blazing Sunset  AVENS
 Geum – Totally Tangerine  AVENS
 Grass – Calamagrostis Karl Foerster  FEATHER REED GRASS
 Grass – Festuca Blue Whiskers  FESCUE
 Grass – Miscanthus Sin. – Little Zebra  MAIDEN GRASS
 Grass – Miscanthus sin. Gracillimus  MAIDEN GRASS
 Grass – Miscanthus sin. Little Zebra  ZEBRA GRASS
 Grass – Miscanthus Sinensis – Purpurescens  AUTUMN RED JAPANESE GRASS
 Grass – Miscanthus Strictus  PORCUPINE GRASS
 Grass – Panicum – Cheyenne Sky  RED SWITCH GRASS
 Grass – Panicum Heavy Metal  SWITCHGRASS
 Grass – Pennisetum – Karley Rose  FOUNTAIN GRASS
 Grass – Pennisetum alop. Hameln  FOUNTAIN GRASS
 Grass – Schizachyrium Chameleon  PRAIRIE GRASS
 Helleborus – Honeymoon New York Night  LENTON ROSE
 Helleborus – Honeymoon Sandy Shores  LENTON ROSE
 Helleborus – Wedding Party Confetti Cake  LENTON ROSE
 Helleborus – Wedding Party Mother Of The Bride  LENTON ROSE
 Helleborus – Wedding Party Shotgun Wedding  LENTON ROSE
 Hemerocallis – Blazing Glory  DAYLILY
 Hemerocallis – Persian Ruby  DAYLILY
 Hemerocallis – Rainbow Rhythm Nosferatu  DAYLILY
 Hemerocallis – Simmons Overture  DAYLILY
 Hemerocallis – Star of the North  DAYLILY
 Herb – Lavandula – Big Time Blue  LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavandula – Big Time White  LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavandula – Super Blue  LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavendula – Annet  LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavendula – Sweet Romance  ENGLISH LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavendula Intermedia – Phenomenal  LAVENDER
 Herb – Lavendula Intermedia – Sensational  LAVENDER
 Herb – Nepeta – Cats Pajamas  CATMINT
 Herb – Nepeta – Junior Walker  CATMINT
 Herb – Nepeta – Summer Magic  CATMINT
 Heuchera – Berry Smoothie  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Berry Timeless  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Black Forest Cake  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Caramel  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Citronella  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Fire Alarm  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Forever Purple  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Forever Red  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Grape Timeless  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Lava Lamp  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Lemon Love  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Marmalade  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Northern Exposure Amber  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Northern Exposure Silver  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Paris  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Plum Pudding  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Primo Wild Rose  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Ruby Tuesday  CORAL BELLS
 Heuchera – Timeless Night  CORAL BELLS
 Heucherella – Catching Fire  FOAMY BELLS
 Heucherella – Pumpkin Spice  FOAMY BELLS
 Hibiscus – Airbrush Effect  HARDY HIBISCUS
 Hibiscus – Blackberry Merlot  HARDY HIBISCUS
 Hibiscus – Dark Mystery  HARDY
 Hibiscus – Mars Madness  HARDY
 Hibiscus – Midnight Marvel  HARDY HIBISCUS
 Hibiscus – Starry Starry Night  HARDY HIBISCUS
 Hibiscus – Summer Carnival  HARDY HIBISCUS
 Hibiscus – Summer In Paradise  HARDY
 Hibiscus – Summerific Candy Crush  HARDY
 Hibiscus – Summerific Evening Rose  HARDY
 Hibiscus – Summerific Spinderella  HARDY
 Hosta – Brother Stefan  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Cherry Berry  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Curly Fries  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Firn Line  FUNKIA
 Hosta – Francee  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Glad Rags  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Glad Tidings  FUNKIA
 Hosta – Guacamole  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Halcyon  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Krossa Regal  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Patriot  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Praying Hands  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Shadowland Autumn Frost  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Shadowland Coast To Coast  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Shadowland Wheee!  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Shadowland Wu-La-La  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Stained Glass  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Wrinkle In Time  PLANTAIN LILY
 Hosta – Yellow Polkadot Bikini  FUNKIA
 Iberis – White Shadow  CANDYTUFT
 Iberis Sempervirens – Alexanders White  CANDYTUFT
 Iris ensata – Dinner Plate Harlequinesque  JAPANESE
 Iris germanica – Sunset Sky  BEARDED IRIS
 Iris Pallida – Albo Variegata  ZEBRA IRIS
 Leucanthemum – Banana Cream  SHASTA DAISY
 Leucanthemum – Daisy May  SHASTA DAISY
 Lewisia Cotyledon – Elise Ruby Red  BITTERROOT
 Liatris Spicata – Kobold  BLAZING STAR
 Ligularia Dentata – Pandora  LEOPARD PLANT
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Bee  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Diamond  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Double Dutch  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Lion  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Nugget  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Sensation  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic – Tiny Shadow  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Asiatic Bloom Fusion Pink Cheeked Parrot  ASIATIC LILY
 Lilium Oriental – After Eight  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Big Smile  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Esra  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Kaveri  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Nowa  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Samantha  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Sunny Azores  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Tabledance  ORIENTAL TRUMPET LILY
 Lilium Oriental – Zeta  ORIENTAL LILY
 Lobelia cardinalis  CARDINAL FLOWER
 Lobelia Fulgens – Queen Victoria  CARDINAL FLOWER
 Lupinus – Mini Gallery Blue  LUPINE
 Lupinus – Mini Gallery Red  LUPINE
 Melittis – Royal Velvet Distinction  BASTARD BALM
 Monarda – Fireball  BEE BALM
 Monarda – Pink Lace  BEE BALM
 Monarda – Sugar Buzz Berry Taffy  BEE BALM
 Monarda – Sugar Buzz Cherry Pops  BEE BALM
 Monarda – Sugar Buzz Grape Gumball  BEE BALM
 Paeonia Itoh – Bartzella  PEONY
 Paeonia lactiflora – Candy Stripe  PEONY
 Paeonia lactiflora – Celebrity  PEONY
 Paeonia lactiflora – Duchesse de Nemours  PEONY
 Paeonia lactiflora – Karl Rosenfield  PEONY
 Paeonia lactiflora – Sarah Bernhardt  PEONY
 Papaver – Red Rumble  ORIENTAL POPPY
 Papaver Orientale – Prince Of Orange  ORIENTAL POPPY
 Penstemon – Cherry Sparks  BEARDTONGUE
 Penstemon – Dakota Burgundy  BEARDTONGUE
 Penstemon – Midnight Masquerade  BEARDTONGUE
 Penstemon – Pocahontas  BEARDTONGUE
 Peroviska – Denim ‘n Lace  RUSSIAN SAGE
 Perovskia – Crazy Blue  RUSSIAN SAGE
 Perovskia – Little Spire  RUSSIAN SAGE
 Phlox – Bambini Cherry Crush  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Cloudburst  GARDEN
 Phlox – Dream Orange Rose  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Early Purple Eye  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Festival Rose Dark Eye  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Blue  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Coral  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Pink  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Pro Baby Doll  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Pro Cerise  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Pro White  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Flame Purple Eye  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Garden Girls Cover Girl  GARDEN
 Phlox – Garden Girls Glamour Girl  GARDEN
 Phlox – Garden Girls Uptown Girl  GARDEN
 Phlox – Glamour Girl  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Olympus  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Opening Act Pink-a-Dot  GARDEN
 Phlox – Orchid Green  GARDEN PHLOX
 Phlox – Prismatic Pink  GARDEN
 Phlox – Super Ka-Pow Fuchsia  GARDEN PHLOX
 Platycodon – Astra Double Blue  BALLOON FLOWER
 Platycodon – Pop Star Blue  BALLOON FLOWER
 Platycodon – Pop Star Pink  BALLOON FLOWER
 Pulmonaria – Lisa Marie  LUNGWORT
 Pulmonaria – Raspberry Frost  LUNGWORT
 Pulmonaria – Samourai  LUNGWORT
 Pulmonaria – Silver Bouquet  LUNGWORT
 Pulmonaria – Twinkle Toes  LUNGWORT
 Rhubarb – Crimson Red
 Rudbeckia – Americana Gold Rush  BLACK EYED SUSAN
 Rudbeckia – Glitters Like Gold  BLACK EYED SUSAN
 Rudbeckia Fulgida – Goldsturm  BLACK EYED SUSAN
 Salvia – April Night  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia – Blue By You  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia – Bumble Blue  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia – Bumbleberry  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia – Color Spires Violet Riot  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia – May Night  MEADOW SAGE
 Salvia nem. – Blue Marvel  WOODLAND SAGE
 Salvia nem. – Dark Matter  WOODLAND SAGE
 Salvia nem. – Rose Marvel  WOODLAND SAGE
 Sedum – Atlantis  STONECROP
 Sedum – Autumn Charm Lajos  STONECROP
 Sedum – Autumn Fire  STONECROP
 Sedum – Banana Split  STONECROP
 Sedum – Rock ‘N Grow Lemonjade  STONECROP
 Sedum – Rock ‘N Round Popstar  STONECROP
 Sedum – Rock ‘N Round Superstar  STONECROP
 Sedum – Sunsparkler Dazzelberry  STONECROP
 Sedum – SunSparkler Dream Dazzler  STONECROP
 Sedum – SunSparkler Lime Twister  STONECROP
 Sedum – Thundercloud  STONECROP
 Sedum sieboldii  OCTOBER STONECROP
 Stachys – Helen Von Stein  LAMBS EAR
 Stachys – Hummelo  BETONY
 Stachys – Pink Cotton Candy  BETONY
 Stokesia – Honeysong Purple  STOKES ASTER
 Strawberry – Allstar  STRAWBERRY – JUNE BEARING
 Strawberry – Ozark Beauty  STRAWBERRY – EVERBEARING
 Tradescantia – Amethyst Kiss  SPIDERWORT
 Tradescantia – Brainstorm  SPIDERWORT
 Tradescantia – Concord Grape  SPIDERWORT
 Veronica – Magic Show Purple Illusion  SPEEDWELL
 Veronica – Purplegum Candles  SPEEDWELL
 Veronica – Vernique Dark Blue  SPEEDWELL
 Veronica – Vernique Raspberry  SPEEDWELL
 Veronica – Vernique Shining Sea  SPEEDWELL
 Viola – Halo Lilac  VIOLET
 Zantedeschia Calla Lily Qatar  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Calla Lily Red Charm  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Calla Lily Sun Club  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Calla Lily Zazu  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Crystal Clear  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Pink Puppy  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Qatar  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Red Charm  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Royal Plum  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Sun Club  CALLA LILY
 Zantedeschia Zazu  CALLA LILY