Aurora IL Area Garden Center, Schaefer’s Garden Center Selection of Annuals

Wave® Petunias, Proven Winners®, Kong® Coleus and other Annuals

Schaefer Greenhouses, located at the corner of Aucutt Rd. and Rt. 31 in Montgomery ILMake a big splash with just a little cash by growing colorful annuals.  Schaefer’s Garden Center grows thousands of annuals each year.  Annuals are a great bargain.  You can grow a colorful garden of blooms from May through the first frost for a very small investment.  Available in a rainbow of colors in varied textures, you can select the perfect annuals for your garden needs.

Come into Schaefer’s and see the full selection of annuals. Schaefer’s is located at the corner of Route 31 and Aucutt Road in Montgomery, just south of Aurora, IL. We’re located in Montgomery IL, just minutes away from Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Aurora, Yorkville, Bristol, Sugar Grove and North Aurora; 20 minutes south of Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles; about half an hour west of suburbs like Oak Brook and Hinsdale and less than an hour from downtown Chicago. Come see one of the largest and most beautiful selections of Annuals in the Chicagoland area.


Geraniums are a Schaefer specialty! Grown here in our greenhouses, we boast the prettiest geraniums in town! Our zonal or cultured geraniums have large blooms and big, sturdy leaves – making them a showy and beautiful garden favorite! Give them full sun, consistent water and fertilizer, and deadhead spent or mature blooms for success all season. With more than 70 varieties in several sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect color and size for your garden.

  • 4.5″ $6.29
  • 6″ $9.99
  • 8″ – 3 per pot $19.99
  • 10″ Tub $29.99
  • 12″ Tub $39.99
  • 12″ Tub w/spike & vines $49.99
  • 14″ Tub w/ accents $59.99

Ride The Wave® Petunias

You’ll find a great selection of Wave® Petunias at Schaefer Greenhouses.  Popular with gardeners because they provide a huge impact in the garden; they are easy to grow, require low maintenance and are perfect for a variety of uses.  Wave® Petunias grow well in containers, a good choice for pots and window boxes as well as hanging baskets; and provide a colorful groundcover for landscapes and flower beds.  We grow them in 7 colors – choose your favorite! Look for their recognizable, bright pink packaging.  We grow the Wave® that is right for your garden and landscape.

Easy Wave®

  • Slightly mounded growth habit
  • 8”-10” height
  • Fast growing, spreading to 2.5-3 feet
  • 6 pack $16.99

Proven Winners®

Schaefer’s grows a full selection of Proven Winners® for your garden planting.  Proven Winners® is a leading brand of high quality flowering plants.

These varieties have been selected under the highest standards for their unique beauty and top performance.  They are unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth habit and garden performance.  Proven Winners® can be mixed and matched in garden pots and plantings with beautiful results.  Look for the special Proven Winners® labels and pots to identify these Schaefer favorites!

Proven Winner Hanging Baskets & Patio Pots

  • 12″ Hanging Basket plastic $44.99
  • 12″ Patio Pots $49.99

All of the following varieties are available in a 4.5″ pot for $7.99.

Angelonia Angelface Blue
Angelonia Angelface Perfectly Pink
Angelonia Angelface Super White
Angelonia Wedgewood Blue
Argyranthemum Golden Butterfly
Argyranthemum Pure White Butterfly
Bidens Campfire Flame
Bidens Goldilocks Rocks
Browallia Endless Flirtation
Browallia Endless Illumination
Calibrachoa Superbell Blue
Calibrachoa Superbell Cherry Star
Calibrachoa Superbell Coral Sunrise
Calibrachoa Superbell Double Chiffon
Calibrachoa Superbell Double Orange
Calibrachoa Superbell Doublette Loveswept
Calibrachoa Superbell Dreamsicle
Calibrachoa Superbell Evening Star
Calibrachoa Superbell Grape Punch
Calibrachoa Superbell Holy Moly
Calibrachoa Superbell Lemon Slice
Calibrachoa Superbell Over Easy
Calibrachoa Superbell Pink
Calibrachoa Superbell Plum
Calibrachoa Superbell Pomegranite Punch
Calibrachoa Superbell Red
Calibrachoa Superbell Tropical Sunrise
Calibrachoa Superbell White
Calibrachoa Superbell Yellow
Chrysocephalum Flambe Yellow
Cleome Rosalita
Cuphea Fairy Dust
Cuphea Vermillionaire
Euphorbia Diamond Frost
Euphorbia Diamond Snow
Evolvulis Blue My Mind XL
Gomphrena Truffula Pink
Guara Karalee Pink
Guara Stratosphere Pink Picotee
Helichrysum Icicles
Helichrysum Lemon Licorice
Helichrysum Licorice Splash
Helichrysum White Licorice
Hypoestes Hippo Rose
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Appleblossom
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Coral Reef
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Purple
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Red
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Rose
Impatiens Double Rockapulco Tropical Shades
Impatiens Double Rockapulco White
Ipomea Sweet Caroline Upside Key Lime
Lantana Luscious Basket Tangelo
Lantana Luscious Berry Blend
Lantana Luscious Citron
Lantana Luscious Citris Blend
Lantana Luscious Goldengate
Lantana Luscious Marmalade
Lantana Luscious Pinkberry Blend
Lantana Luscious Royal Cosmo
Lantana Luscious Royal Lemon Tart
Lantana Luscious Royal Pina Colada
Lantana Luscious Royal Red Zone
Lobelia Laguana Cloud White
Lobelia Laguna Compact Blue / Eye
Lobelia Laguna Dark Blue
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue
Lobelia Laguna Ultra Violet
Lobularia Snow Princess
Osteospermum Bright Lights Dbl. Moonglow
Osteospermum Bright Lights Purple
Osteospermum Bright Lights Horizon Sunset
Oxalis Charmed Wine
Pentas Sunstar Lavender
Pentas Sunstar Pink
Pentas Sunstar Red
Petunia Supertunia Bermuda Beach
Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry
Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux
Petunia Supertunia Daybreak Charm
Petunia Supertunia Honey
Petunia Supertunia  Latte
Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Yellow
Petunia Supertunia Picasso In Purple
Petunia Supertunia Persimmon
Petunia Supertunia Really Red
Petunia Supertunia Royal Magenta
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet
Petunia Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Petunia Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
Petunia Supertunia Vista Jazzberry
Petunia Supertunia Vista Paradise
Petunia Supertunia Vista Silverberry
Petunia Supertunia Snowdrift
Salvia Rockin Playin The Blues
Scaevola Whirlwind Blue
Scaevola Whirlwind Pink
Scaevola Whirlwind White
Sedum Lemon Coral
Sutera Snowstorm Blue
Sutera Snowstorm Giant Snowflake
Verbena Superbena Sparkling Amethyst

Annuals Available at Schaefer’s Garden Center

Following is a complete list of annuals that are available in Schaefer’s Garden Center.  All products are available in 4-paks for $3.29 and trays of 32 for $25.99.

Ageratum Aloha Blue
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Deep Pink
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Mix
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet
Alyssum Easter Bonnet White
Begonia Bada Bing Mix
Begonia Bada Bing Rose
Begonia Bada Bing Scarlet
Begonia Bada Bing White
Begonia Bada Boom Mix
Begonia Bada Boom Rose
Begonia Bada Boom Scarlet
Begonia Bada Boom White
Celosia Fresh Look Mix
Celosia Fresh Look Orange
Celosia Fresh Look Red
Celosia Fresh Look Yellow
Celosia New Look
Coleus Wizard Mix
Coleus Wizard Velvet Red
Cosmo Sonata Mix
Cosmo Sonata Pink
Cosmo Sonata Pink Blush
Cosmo Sonata Purple Shades
Cosmo Sonata White
Dahlia Fresco Mix
Dianthus Telstar Mix
Dianthus Telstar Pink
Dianthus Telstar Purple
Dianthus Telstar Scarlet
Dianthus Telstar White
Dusty Miller Cirrus
Dusty Miller Silver Dust
Gazania Kiss Mix
Gazania Kiss Orange
Gazania Kiss Red
Gazania Kiss Rose
Gazania Kiss White
Gazania Kiss Yellow
Gomphrena Buddy Purple
Gomphrena Buddy Rose
Gomphrena Buddy White
Impatiens Beacon Bright Red
Impations Beacon Coral
Impatiens Beacon Formula Mix
Impatiens Beacon Orange
Impatiens Beacon Rose
Impatiens Beacon Violet Shades
Impatiens Beacon White
Impatiens Super Elfin Lipstick
Impatiens Super Elfin Pink
Lobelia Riviera Lilac
Lobelia Riviera Midnight Blue
Lobelia Riviera Rose
Lobelia Riviera Sky Blue
Lobelia Riviera White
Marigold Antigua Mix
Marigold Antigua Orange
Marigold Antigua Yellow
Marigold Bonanza Bolero
Marigold Bonanza Deep Orange
Marigold Bonanza Flame
Marigold Bonanza Mix
Marigold Bonanza Yellow
Marigold Disco Mix
Marigold Vanilla
Nicotiana Saratoga Appleblossom
Nicotiana Saratoga Mix
Nicotiana Saratoga Purple
Nicotiana Saratoga Red
Nicotiana Saratoga Rose
Pansy Delta Cotton Candy Mix
Pansy Delta Premium Blue Morpho
Pansy Delta Premium Lavender Blue Shades
Pansy Delta Premium Marina
Pansy Delta Premium Mix
Pansy Delta Premium Neon Violet
Pansy Delta Premium Pure Rose
Pansy Delta Speedy Rose Medley
Pansy Delta Premium Tapestry
Pansy Delta Watercolor Mix
Pansy Delta Premium Yellow / Blotch
Pentas Beebright Lipstick
Pentas Beebright  Mix
Pentas Beebright Pink
Pentas Beebright Red
Pentas Beebright Violet
Petunia Dreams Appleblossom
Petunia Prism Sunshine
Petunia Tritunia Blue
Petunia Tristar Blue Star
Petunia Tritunia Blue Veined
Petunia Tritunia Burgundy
Petunia Tritunia Mix
Petunia Tritunia Pink
Petunia Tritunia Plum
Petunia Tritunia Purple Star
Petunia Tritunia Red
Petunia Tritunia Red Star
Petunia Tritunia Rose
Petunia Tristar Salmon
Petunia Tritunia Sky Blue
Petunia Tritunia Spirit Mix
Petunia Tritunia White
Portulaca Happy Hour Coconut
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix
Portulaca Happy Hour Orange
Portulaca  Happy Hour Peppermint
Salvia Mojave Mix
Salvia Mojave Purple
Salvia Mojave Red
Salvia Mojave Red/White Bicolor
Salvia Mojave White
Salvia Victoria Blue
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Bronze
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Crimson
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Lavender
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Mix
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Rose Pink
Snapdragon Liberty Classic White
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Yellow
Verbena Obsession Blue W/Eye
Verbena Obsession Mix
Verbena Obsession Red/Eye
Verbena Obsession White
Vinca Sunstorm Apricot
Vinca Sunstorm Blush
Vinca Sunstorm Bright Red
Vinca Sunstorm Deep Lilac
Vinca Sunstorm Deep Orchid
Vinca Sunstorm Deep Pink
Vinca Sunstorm Mix
Vinca Sunstorm Orchid Halo
Vinca Sunstorm Pure White
Vinca Sunstorm Purple
Vinca Sunstorm Red Halo
Vinca Sunstorm Rose W/Eye
Vinca Sunstorm White W/Eye
Vinca Tattoo Black Cherry
Vinca Tattoo Papaya
Vinca Tattoo Raspberry
Vinca Tattoo Tangerine
Viola Sorbet Citrus Mix
Viola Sorbet Primrose / Blotch
Zinnia Profusion Cherry
Zinnia Profusion Mix
Zinnia Profusion Orange
Zinnia Profusion Red
Zinnia Profusion Red / Yellow Bicolor
Zinnia Profusion White
Zinnia Profusion Yellow
Zinnia Zahara Double Bright Orange
Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry
Zinnia Zahara Double Salmon
Zinnia Zahara Double Yellow

Potted Annuals (Prices vary by size and variety)

Ageratum Bumble Blue
Ageratum Bumble Rose
Alternanthera Little Ruby
Argyranthemum Grandessa Pink Halo
Argyranthemum Grandessa Red
Artemesia Fancifiller Sea Salt
Bacopa Betty Pink Improved
Begonia Non Stop Mix
Bracteantha Mohave Apricot
Bracteantha Mohave Dark Red
Bracteantha Mohave Purple Red
Bracteantha Mohave Yellow
Coleus Abbey Road
Coleus Fishnet Stockings
Coleus Great Falls Angel
Coleus Great Falls Niagra
Coleus Great Falls Yosemite
Coleus Kingswood Torch
Coleus Campfire
Coleus Copperhead
Coleus Dragonheart
Coleus Electric Lime
Coleus Heartbreaker
Coleus Indian Summer
Coleus Inferno
Coleus Redhead
Coleus Ruby Slipper
Coleus Vino
Cuphea Honeybells
Cosmo Sonata Pink
Cosmo Sonata Pink Blush
Cosmo Sonata Purple Shades
Cosmo Sonata White
Dahlia Dalinova California
Dahlia Dahlinova Carolina Orange
Dahlia Dalinova Montana
Dahlia Dalinova New York
Dichondra Silver Nickel
Dortheanthus Mezoo
Fuchsia Aretes Upright Jolli Nante
Fuchsia Aretes Upright Rio Grande
Fuchsia Upright Firecracker
Fuchsia Upright Gartenmeister
Gerbera Jaguar Mix
Ipomea Bright Idea Rusty Red
Ipomea Floramia Black
Ipomea Floramia Cameo
Ipomea Floramia Limon Wedge
Ipomea Floramia Rosso
Ipomea Tricolor
Iresene Blazin Rose
Iresene Brilliantissima
Osteospermum 4D Berry White
Osteospermum 4d Harvest Moon
Petunia Amore Heart and Soul
Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts
Petunia Bee’s Knee
Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba
Petunia Headliner Night Sky
Petunia Headliner Pink Sky
Petunia Raspberry Swirl
Rex Begonia Bewitched Pink
Rex Begonia Curly Cherry Mint
Rex Begonia Dibs Rothko
Rex Begonia Dibs Tuxedo
Salvia Black & Blue
Salvia Hot Lips
Strobilanthis Persian Shield
Torenia Summerwave Bouquet Deep Blue
Torenia Summerwave Bouquet Deep Rose
Torenia Summerwave Bouquet Gold
Verbena EnduraScape Burgundy
Verbena EnduraScape Hot Pink
Verbena EnduraScape Pink Bicolor
Verbena EnduraScape Purple
Verbena EnduraScape Firehouse Red
Verbena EnduraScape White