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Landscape Design Services Aurora, Oswego, Naperville, Yorkville, Montgomery, North Aurora and throughout the Fox Valley area

In-Store Landscape Design Appointments

Cost of appointment is $60 per session and includes the following:

  • One hour* with a certified and experienced designer, plus an extra half hour to tour the garden center to find the plants that were discussed in the session.
  • Basic pencil sketch of the design to determine placement of the plant selections.
  • Plant list with plant care information.

*Due to the time constraint of one hour per session, we will design ONE area per session.

  • Please bring pictures of your area, including front view, side view, and back view if applicable.
  • Bring measurements of the area in question. Window placement measurements are helpful when designing a bed next to the house.
  • Are there existing plants in the bed that you want to keep? Please show measurements for any that are staying. (ie heights and locations)
  • A Plat of Survey that shows placement of your home and easements on your property.
  • Please fill out and print the PDF Questionnaire and bring to session, or fill out the form below.

If you would like additional help with your yard, or a more detailed design, a home visit may be the way to go! A certified and experienced designer will be able to come to your home and assess your designing needs, consulting you on design solutions, plant selection, maintenance, and more! Fees for home visits start at $100.

Full landscape design packages are available upon request, and would consist of the client receiving the following package: A hand-drawn copy of your design drawn to scale, a plants and materials list, a booklet including computer aided images of your house with plants in place, and one revision of the design if needed. If a design package is desired, the $100 consultation fee will be used towards a deposit. The remaining balance will be due upon completion.


Please call the Garden Center at 630-896-1936 to schedule your appointment today!!

Want to get started now? Fill out this form and we will contact you:

Example: front, foundation, patio area, backyard, etc.
Full Sun = 6+ hours of direct sun
Part Sun/Part Shade = 4-6 hours of direct sun
Full Shade = less than 4 hours of direct sun
How often do you like to work in the garden?
Examples: normal, cottage, prairie, native, casual, manicured, etc.
Disclaimer: please keep in mind that landscape advice given on the sole use of photos and information that is provided by the customer may result in inaccuracy of the number and type of plants needed. Quantities and placement of plants may vary once you physically lay them out in the area that was discussed. Site conditions that could affect the overall design might not be visible in the photos, or answered in the questionnaire.

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