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Peppers – Sweet Peppers and Hot Peppers,  Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, Yorkville, Naperville, North Aurora and Sugar Grove.

Peppers are easy to grow… and a delicious addition to your garden! Look at the amazing variety of choices! You’ll want to plant a nice selection for your eating pleasure. You’ll find the best tasting veggies start right here at Schaefer’s.

We know the result of time spent in your own garden will be a delicious harvest of the most flavorful peppers you have ever tasted!  Let Schaefer Greenhouses help you get started!

Sweet Peppers



Bigger banana, yellow to orange to red

Maturity: 70 days

Better Belle Sweet Pepper

Better Belle

Green to red, 4 lobed 4.5″x3.5″ fruit

Maturity: 65 days

Big Bertha

Big Bertha

3-4 lobed thick walled, 7″x4″ fruit

Maturity: 72 days

Big Daddy Sweet Pepper

Big Daddy Hybrid

8″-10″ yellow fruit

Maturity: 73 days

California Wonder Pepper

California Wonder

Heirloom bell – perfect for stuffing!

Maturity: 75 days

Confetti min bell Pepper


Colorful mini bell pepper 2″x 1.5″ fruit. Good for containers.

Maturity: 65-70 days

Costa Rican Sweet Pepper

Costa Rican Sweet

5″-6″ flavorful

Maturity: 70 days

Flavorburst Sweet Pepper


5″ golden fruit

Maturity: 72 days

Golden California Wonder Pepper

Golden California Wonder

Golden bell 5″ x 4″ fruit.

Maturity: 62-73 days

Jungle Parrot Pepper

Jungle Parrot

Great for containers or tight spaces. 3″x 3″ green to red fruit

Maturity: 65-75 days

Thunderbolt Pepper


Huge Marconi sweet pepper – 13″ x 4″ fruit. Great fresh, fried, or stuffed

Maturity: 65-80 days

Hot Peppers

Burning Bush Hot

Bhut Jolokia

Also known as Ghost Pepper, orange-red fruit

Maturity: 80-85 days

Burning Bush Hot

Burning Bush

Unusual peach color, hot with a touch of sweet

Maturity: 85 days

Cajun Bell Pepper

Cajun Belle

Mildly spicy mini bell for snacking or salsa

Maturity: 60-65 days

Cayenne Long Thin Pepper

Cayenne Long Thin

Very hot, tapered & twisted shape, red & green fruit

Maturity: 70-75 days

Garden Salsa Hot Pepper

Garden Salsa

8″ long, green to red, mildly hot

Maturity: 73 days

Gong Pao Pepper

Gong Pao

Slender 3-5″ long & thin, deliciously spicy

Maturity: 85 days

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Hungarian Hot Wax

Hot Banana, Light yellow to red, 6″x1.5″ fruit

Maturity: 65-70 days

Jalapeno Gigante


3″ fruit, medium hot Jalapeno

Maturity: 65-80 days

Jalapeno Gigante

Jalapeno Gigante

4″-5″ fruit largest Jalapeno – great in salsa or stuffing for poppers

Maturity: 80 days

Mosquertero Pepper


Pablano (ancho) 6″x 3″ tapered fruit, perfect for stuffing or frying

Maturity: 80-90 days

Tabasco Hot Pepper


2″ thin-walled green to red fruit, very hot

Maturity: 85 days

Tabasco Hot Pepper

Super Chili

2″ green to red fruit, spicy, also ornamental

Maturity: 75 days

Jalapeno Gigante

Tiburon Poblano

4″-5″x3″ fruit, moderately hot

Maturity: 65-85 days

Tabasco Hot Pepper


Green to yellow, pungent flavored, 2″ fruit

Maturity: 80 days