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Rain Barrels-Aurora, Montgomery, Yorkville, Oswego, Sugar Grove, North Aurora, Bristol. Schaefer Greenhouse is Located 40 Miles west of Chicago.

Save Your Green While Going Green, Schaefer's now carries Rain Barrels including the new Cascata

65 gal capacity Cascata Rain Barrel $219.99   Available in terracotta and gray

55-60 gal capacity Chicago Rain Barrel $99.99 available in black & gray

55-60 gal w/ wide overflow Chicago Rain Barrel $119.99 black only

Local delivery available!

They say "April showers bring May flowers", but this year let your garden benefit from the rainfall even in the dry summer months!  Rain barrels are an easy and efficient way to provide your plants with beneficial water they need, while saving you time and money!

Rainwater is naturally soft, unlike municipal water, which is often “softened” with various minerals, creating a more valuable source of nutrients for your plants.  Not to mention, you won’t have to spend as much ‘green’ to keep your landscape green!  Rather than using water from your faucet, conserving rainwater can significantly cut down on your water and sewage bill. 

Besides your personal use, Rain Barrels also considerably improve the environment by preserving water that would normally run off into nearby rivers and streams, reducing the occurrence of stream erosion and the pollution of local waterways. 

With steady rainfall during the early spring months, specifically April, May, and June, now is a great time to add a rain barrel to your landscape to nourish your vegetable and perennial beds early in the season.  To increase the benefits of rainwater, mulch heavily to retain moisture and decrease the necessity of watering. 

Schaefer Greenhouses offer a variety of styles of rain barrels to meet your various needs.  The newest addition to our selection includes all the advantages of a traditional rain barrel with a more aesthetically pleasing décor. 

Made of roto-molded plastic that will not chip, crack or fade, the 65-gallon Cascata Rain Barrel is a durable yet attractive option for gardeners who would look to maintain an ornamental appeal to their area. 

This unique rain saver container is double walled for extra strength and durability while adding a beautiful exclamation point to your environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Adding to its decorative value, the rain barrel has a removable crown planter located on top of the barrel itself to incorporate plants into your conservation effort.  A corrosion proof screen guard serves as a barrier between the planter and barrel protecting any loose debris from entering the water.  Complete with overflow valve, and six-foot garden hose with a shut-off connector, and a brass spigot, the Cascata Rain Barrel is an easy to use alternative to the typical rain saver.   Available in terracotta and gray, this distinctive option is both beneficial and beautiful! 

How Can Rain Barrels Help?

During periods of excessive rainfall, rain barrels are an effective way to capture and divert the large amounts of water that comes down gutter downspouts.  Studies show an average roof (1,000 SF) sends down 630 gallons of water for every 1” of rain. 

With concerns about flooding and rain water runoff polluting our rivers and streams, rain barrels can play an important role in stemming the tide.  Heavy rainfalls risk overwhelming municipal sewer systems or pouring into creeks and rivers where the torrential currents erode stream beds and carry pollutants into holding ponds and lakes.

During periods of low rainfall or in drought prone areas of the country, rain barrels help conserve water.  During summer months, 40% of our water usage goes to outdoor and landscape activities.  Rain barrels capture and store water for use during these dry periods. 

Watering restrictions are becoming more common.  The desert southwest has long dealt with water management, but recently, cities like Atlanta, GA, experiencing their worst drought in 30 years, has placed restrictions on outdoor water usage.  Rain barrels can help supplement outdoor watering needs.

Since rainwater contains no dissolved minerals, chlorine or fluoride, plants respond favorably to rainwater (when compared with well or treated municipal water).  Water from rain barrels will make flowers and vegetables thrive – much like they do after a nice rainfall.  

RAIN BARREL INSTRUCTIONS – (Black & Terra Cotta Barrels)

Rain Barrel Assembly

The Spigot (front bottom), Linking Valves (side bottom) and Overflow Valve (side middle) have been pre-installed in our Black & Terra-Cotta rain barrels.  Additionally, the “wide-overflow” model also has a 6’ black corrugated hose to connect. 

  1. WIDE OVERFLOW MODEL ONLY: Place the supplied corrugated hose and slide it over the Overflow Elbow on the outside (left side) of the barrel.
  2. Tighten clamp screw to secure connection. 

Placing Your Rain Barrel and Connecting to Downspout

  1. Now, select a downspout that is easily accessible and level the ground where the barrel will sit.  Rain barrel should be placed on a level surface or it may tip over upon filling, causing bodily harm or property damage.  If your rain barrel is elevated, make certain that it is secure so that it cannot tip over.)
  2. Draw a line on the downspout 6-9” above the top of the barrel.  Move the barrel away.  Use a hacksaw and cut the downspout at the line.  Note:  if a downspout bracket is below your cut, remove the bracket and place it above the cut.
  3. Squeeze or crimp the downspout end so the elbow will fit over it.  Attach the elbow to the downspout and move the barrel back against the house, so that the end of the elbow is over the center of the lid.  Rain water will now flow out of the elbow and down onto the cover of your rain barrel and drain into the barrel.
  4. Keep a ¾” garden hose handy to attach to top overflow spigot (.  Hose should be at least 10” long and direct overflow rain water away from your foundation.

Helpful Tips

Rain Barrels - Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

Product Overview

Cascata Rain Barrels combine the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. The Cascata is made of a roto molded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperature and will not chip, crack, or fade.

65 gallon rainsaver container with a screen guard and unique easily removable crown planter on the top - double walled for extra strength and durability.

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