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Schaefer Greenhouses Salutes Dads on their Special Day, "Happy Father's Day"!

Send flowers and plants for Father’s Day! Serving the Aurora, Illinois (IL) area since 1926.

Hot Off
The Grill

Hot Off
The Grill

From $49.95

The perfect
gift for the
grill master!

Local Only

WW-103 12"  Geranium

12" Geranium
& Vines

From $39.99

A patio pot of geraniums
provide summer
long enjoyment.

Local Only

WW-175 Fruit  Basket


Only $59.95

A basketful of fresh
fruit and delicious
gourmet treats

WW-205 Junk Food  Junkie

Junk Food

From $29.95

All things that are fun to eat -pop, chips, candy & more in an adorable package.

Local Only

Father’s Day is always the third Sunday in June. It’s a day of cook outs and family gatherings, and making your father feel special! Be sure to honor Dad for his love and devotion to your family. Schaefer Greenhouses has many gift suggestions for Father’s Day. From tasty gourmet baskets to garden necessities, Schaefers can deliver your gift of love for Dad. Order online or give us a call.


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